Stream 1: AI and Digital Ethics

In tech we trust?: Why digital ethics is moving from the conference room to the boardroom


Welcome back from the Chair

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly

CO- Founder and Chief Customer Officer, Alldus International and Founder, AI Ireland



The coming of age for AI

In this talk Steve will look at AI applications, past, present and future, how technology has changed, and how that has driven the renewed interest in AI in the tech and corporate community. We will delve into topics such as how AI is driving change at the point of interaction; what are the applications for AI in financial services and how working with start-ups can accelerate your AI strategy

Dr. Steve Flinter

Dr. Steve Flinter

Artificial Intelligence Practice Lead, Mastercard Labs



How not to mess up with technology: Why ethics matter!

While more organisations are exploring AI and machine learning tools, few have any policies around ethical issues like bias and governance. Everyone is betting on AI but issues related to lack of governance and unintended consequences could inhibit the success of AI investments and slow down adoption. How do technology leaders make ethics and governance part of AI initiatives and build a culture of responsible use, trust and transparency?

Nadine Thomson

Nadine Thomson

Technology Director, News UK, Digital Leader for fast-paced international organisations


Q & A with speakers



Who’s watching the machines?

As computers get smarter who keeps tabs on their ethics? Our panel discusses:

  • What is the current AI landscape and how to ensure ethical foresight?
  • How do we make ethics part of business decision-making processes?
  • How do we assign responsibility for algorithms?
  • What auditing bodies can monitor the ecosystem?
Dr. Austin Tanney

Dr. Austin Tanney

Head of AI, Kainos

Niamh Muldoon

Niamh Muldoon

Global Information Security Business Enablement Director, DocuSign

Dr. Finn de Brí

Dr. Finn de Brí

Chief Information Officer, ICT Division, Houses of the Oireachtas