Stream 2: Digital Government

Is our public sector prepared for a fully digital future?


Welcome from the Chair

Martin Delaney

Martin Delaney

General Manager and Technology Leader, IVI @iviinsights



From out-sourcing to in-sourcing: How the Government of Northern Ireland is building an IT shared services organisation

Caron shares insights on the journey over the last 11 years to build an organisation of IT shared services across multiple governmental departments in Northern Ireland.

Caron Alexander

Caron Alexander

Director of Digital Shared Services, Northern Ireland Government



Digital Republic: How Estonia built the most advanced digital society in the world

Since it introduced its first digital service – e-tax – in 2000, the small north-east European nation has had an ambitious digital agenda to the extent that today, 99% of its public services are available online. How did they do it? 


  • Lessons from the Estonian e-governance model; the ultimate benchmark for how citizens should engage with the government 
  • Working with other countries to replicate this model all over the world    
Andrus Kaarelson

Andrus Kaarelson

Deputy DG, Director of State Information System, Information System Authority (RIA), The Republic of Estonia



Ensuring your organisation survives and thrives

Being part of a senior leadership team requires the ability to respond effectively during a crisis situation. Across Europe we’ve seen a number of high profile incidents that have tested senior leaders’ skills and decision-making. We’ll look at some of these recent events and how the organisations involved handled the situation including executing timely responses to both internal and external stakeholders. Plus, what are the systems and processes you can put in place now to help prepare should the worst happen.

Chris Butler

Chris Butler

MA FCMI FInstLM CISM CBCI Principal Consultant, Sungard AS


Q & A with speakers



Becoming digital citizens: Creating and embedding a digital culture

Developing a positive digital culture amongst the workforce and the public, embracing innovative digital approaches to access the services they need:


  • Developing a high calibre and agile workforce over the next 5 years
  • Overcoming the challenges of successfully moving services online 
  • How to enable citizens to take control of their interactions with services? 
  • Developing a collaborative approach to service design and reform 
Deirdre Lee

Deirdre Lee

CEO and Founder, Derilinx

Yvonne Goff

Yvonne Goff

Director of Integrated Information Services, the Health Services Executive

Edel Creely

Edel Creely

Group MD, Trilogy Technologies, past President, IBEC and member of high-level group on Technology Skills 2022

Barry Doyle

Barry Doyle

IS Project Leader, Galway County Council